nydia-inpink It all started with, “Excuse me, sir.”

I never thought of myself as particularly androgynous, however, quite a few New Yorkers did and it forced me to take action. One day, I went into Manhattan’s 34th st Macy’s, grabbed the first MAC artist I saw and said through clenched teeth, “Make them stop calling me SIR!”. He took pity on me, sat me down and turned my face into a clear, bright, pink and burgundy canvas. I was a new creation, a remnant of the woman I knew my entire adult life and more confident than I’d ever been before. I bought every product he used on me that day and I wore the heck outta that makeup without deviation from its original application. Funny enough, people stopped calling me “Sir”.

After some time and a thousand glossy magazines later, I began to wonder if anything else would look good on me, it was then, the makeup artist in me was conceived. I am a makeup artist because of how much I’ve seen it change people, not so much outside, but inside. I enhance the beauty that is overlooked. I strive for balance and perfection. I tweak, tweak and tweeze until everything is the better version of itself. I want to make headturners, show stoppers and conversation topics out of people I work on. I’ve done it and continue to do it. Let the Sirs be Sirs and the Ma’ams be Ma’ams!